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currently: photography class of Prof. Heidi Specker Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, recently finished a year at Department Master Fine Arts ZHdK

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This exhibition has closed now... tomorrow, 21/06/24 – 29/06/24, group show, AS/EM space, Leipzig

The Love Book Project, publication, Master Fine Arts Department, Zurich University of the Arts

Ancient Things, 14/03/24 – 20/03/24, duo show with Martin Andereggen, Material Zurich

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, 15/02/24 – 18/02/24, group show, Rundgang Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig


GIFT, 14/12/23 – 16/12/23, group show curated by Francisca Patrocínio and Anna Sophie Knobloch, Toni Areal, Zurich

Performance and Art Resort, 11/11/2023, group show, Hotel Tiger, Zurich

Poles Royce, 27/04/23 – 28/04/23, group show, Toni Areal, Zurich


FIELD, 25/11/2022, Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, group show, Beutenberg Campus, Jena

Storm to Static, 05/11/22 – 25/11/22, group show, VIKA, Adam-Kuckhoff-Str. 19, Halle (Saale)

DOSIS III, contribution to exhibition catalogue, Spector Books with Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig

Angenommen, hier, 02/07/22 – 03/09/22, group show, Neue Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Burgstraße 12, Gera

B2B Festspiele Dahlewitz, 12/08/22 – 14/08/22, group show, Gutshof Dahlewitz, Blankenfelde-Mahlow

A5, 29/06/22 – 02/07/22, group show, AS/EM off space, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8, Leipzig

untitled, group show, AS/EM off space, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 8, Leipzig

Upgrade, group show, Rundgang at Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig


IT'S A PHOTO love story, Poster Edition for In My Hands Magazine, 101PS Space, Cologne

DOSIS I, group show, Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig

MATRATZE Issue N° 3, Matratze Magazine, Stuttgart

News from Home, group show and Online Screening, PLAST Space, Leipzig


FLUID, group show, Kunstverein Freunde Aktueller Kunst, Zwickau

Life is confusing at this point, publication, DREIKLANG Magazine Issue N°5, Opera Leipzig

Spanne, group show, Project space Gr. Ulrichstraße 13, Halle (Saale)

What's the Story Morning Glory? Performance, Rundgang at Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig


Malereiklasse Tilo Baumgärtel, group show, HALLE 14, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig

TEST DRIVE, with Lisa Röing Baer and Helena Kühnemann, BLECH, Halle (Saale)

Profile, group show, BLECH, Halle (Saale)

Gate 1 - - - between, with Marie Busse and Isabelle Hucht, Project space at Flughafen Leipzig/Halle


Junge Kunst, group show, DRK Kliniken Westend, Berlin

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